Basic Of Good Clinical Laboratory Practice

Facilitation: Research Support Centre

Dates:             18-20 July, 2017.

Venue: College of Medicine, Research Support Centre.

This is an introductory course to the basics of good clinical laboratory practice. This is particularly important for laboratory groups that are involved in clinical trials research. They need to be able to rely on data obtained from the laboratory to ensure patient safety. Any laboratory that also provides results to patients, whether in a hospital setting or otherwise, would do well to adopt the practices of GCLP. This reduces error and ensures reliability of results and increases trust of doctors in the laboratory.

Target groups: Qualification as laboratory technologist, Technicians, medical doctors, clinical diploma, BSC in Clinical Medicine and all those involved in clinical trials research, including Principal Investigators. Prior training in Good Clinical Practice is not a requirement.Understand what laboratory quality management is and how it is planned for and demonstrated.


Prerequisite: clinical research experience


Course Content Topics to be covered:
• Introduction to GCLP
• Analytical plans and laboratory management
• Laboratory safety
• Laboratory analysis and Equipment
• Recording and reporting
• Laboratory Information systems
• Quality management


Course Fee $275 per participant

Course fee covers course material, lunch and refreshments


Application deadline: Applications should be submitted to (with a copy to no later than 14th July, 2017.


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