Facilitation: Research Support Centre

Dates:           17 to 19 May, 2017

Venue: College of Medicine, Mahatma Gandhi Campus.


College of Medicine’s Research Support Centre strives to build capacity of the administration of Research and Grants. One of the strategies is through delivery of various training courses. This time around, we are offering a training course in basics of research data Management. This will equip participants with Data Management skills needed to manage health research Data in order to safeguard the integrity and enhance the quality of the data collected in clinical and biomedical scientific research.


Course Fee: USD275 per participant. Course fees cover course material, lunch and refreshments


Who should apply: Data managers, Data officers, Quality assurance, Quality control officers, Principal Investigators and other logisticians who develop study protocols, Project managers, Study nurses involved in Data collection, and Study coordinators responsible for day-to-day field activities and Study monitors?


Application Deadline: Applications should be submitted to  (with a copy to

About the course: This course will cover modules from Case Report Form (CRF) design through to Data cleaning. Following aspects will be covered:


• Principles of Data Management

• Data Validation

• Developing a Data Management plan for a study

• Data Storage
• Definition/Types of Research Documents

• Introduction to Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems
• Development and Design of Case Report Forms (CRFs)

• Introduction to Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
• Database Development/Data Coding

• Data Audits
• Ethical issues in Good Data Management
• Data Entry

• Reporting
• CRF Processing


If you need more information, send an email to email addresses indicated above or call on  (0888366394). You can also visit our website:

Not  later than Tuesday, 12th May, 2017.