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Borrowing Services

1. All  persons are entitled to borrow from the Library, and wishing to do so, must first complete a membership registration card.


2. Authorized borrowers are allowed to borrow as follows:

CTS Staff                                   4 

Foundation Year Students   10

Undergraduate Students      10

Elective Students                    2

Graduate Students                12

Interns                                       2

Senior Staff                            20

External Members                  2



3. Library materials shall be borrowed upon the production of an acceptable identification.


4. Unbound periodicals shall not be removed from the Library.


5. Bound periodicals may only be allowed by Senior Staff for a period of two(2) days.


6. Book placed on Reserve (Short Loan) may be borrowed:

  • For two (2) hours at a time, for consultation in the Library only.
  • For overnight loan from two (2) hours prior to closing and up   to no more than two (2) hours after opening the following day.


7. Reference books shall not be removed from the Library.


8. SomeLibrary collections which are appropriately marked “NOT TOBE TAKEN AWAY” or “MALAWIANA” or “THESIS” shall not be removed from the Library, except under very special circumstances and at the discretion of the College Librarian.