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Environmental Health Training Workshop




Environmental Health Training Workshop

The University of Malawi (through its Africa Center of Excellence in Public Health & Herbal Medicine (ACEPHEM) is pleased to announce a training workshop in Environmental Health.

Date: March 4-8, 2019.

Venue: College of Medicine (Blantyre Campus)

Facilitator: Prof. Goodson R.E.E Ana (University of Ibadan-Nigeria)

Course Outline:

  • Basic concepts in Environmental health

  • Definition and Classification

  • Air quality and Health

  • Water Sources, quality and Health

  • Food hygiene and safety

  • Housing and health

  • Waste management

  • Excreta management and Sanitation

  • Vector control

  • Noise pollution

  • Radiation and Health

  • Tools in Environmental Health Management

  • Climate change
  • Env Law, Justice, Ethics, Legislation and Governance
  • Other Special topics (Recreational health ,Biosafety & Biosecurity)

Participants to the Workshop will be:

Researchers, Lecturers and Students

Workshop fees

ACEPHEM will provide tuition scholarship only. Participants and/or their institutions are expected to contribute accommodation and transport to and from the workshop.

Contact and applications

Interested prospective applicants should Follow this link to download the application form and send the completed application form to with a copy to