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Facilitation: Research Support Centre

Dates: 30th October to 3rd of November 2017

Venue: College of Medicine, Research Support Centre Conference Room

Course: Fee $400

The course is offered by College of Medicine’s Research Support Centre (RSC), a centre with renowned history of delivering high quality training courses and services in clinical trial monitoring, data Management and communication. RSC’s courses are delivered by highly qualified facilitators, guaranteeing the trainees of invaluable training standards. We are pleased to inform you that we are conducting a course in qualitative research methods.

This course aims at equipping students, researchers and research assistants who have already been trained in Basic qualitative research course (PRM 1 and PRM 2)

Course fee: $ 400 per participant.

Course fees cover course material, lunch and refreshments.

Who should apply: Researchers, Students, data analysts, study drivers and other research support staff. Pre-requisite: Involvement in PMR 1 and PRM 2 qualitative research courses.

Application deadline: Applications should be submitted to (with a copy to ) no later than Friday, 27th October 2017.
About the course: This course will cover 12 modules and an assessment. Following aspects will be covered:

  •  Social Science theory
  •  Approaches to qualitative data analysis
  •  Principles of basic NVIVO with coding structures
  •  Research objectives and translating to data analysis questions
  •  Inductive and deductive coding development
  • Developing coding frameworks
  • Developing analysis using NVIVO
  • Linking questions, concepts and developing conceptual models
  •  Improving quality of qualitative data analysis for publication
  •  Structuring qualitative results for publication
  •  Scientific Writing and presentation
  • Pitfalls of oral presentations


Course will be delivered through lecturers, case cracking, Sharing of experiences andmany more. If you need more information, send an email to