Welcome to College of Medicine

The College of Medicine is a student-centred institution. This means that while you are studying with us, it is your needs that come first. We will do everything we can to foster your personal and intellectual growth and to prepare you to lead a fulfilled life beyond the college.

The standard of teaching and learning is one of the highest in the African region. External examiners, who are renowned academicians in Universities outside, evaluate our examinations.

The College of Medicine has 3 faculties namely: Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and Health Professions, School of Public Health and Family Medicine and Faculty of Medicine.

The Faculty of Biomedical Science and Health Profession has 4 departments (Basic Medical SciencesPathology & Laboratory SciencePharmacy and Physiotherapy)

The School of Public Health and Family Medicine has 3 departments (Public Health, Health Systems & Policy Development and Family Medicine).

The Faculty of Medicine consist of 6 departments (Anaesthesia, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry & Mental Health, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics & Child Health and Surgery).

» Premedical Sciences
» BSc Physiotherapy
» BSc Pharm
» Bachelor of Health Management
» Bsc General Surgery (New)
» Bsc Anaesthesia (New)
» Bsc Internal Medicine (New)
» Bsc Paediatrics (New)
» Bsc Obs & Gynae (New)

» Masters in Public Health (Mph)
» Masters of Medicine (MMed)***
» MMed Paediatrics & Child Health
» MMed Internal Medicine
» MMed Orthopaedics
» MMED in General Surgery
» MMED in Obs & Gynae
» MMED in Ophthalmology
» MMED in Anaethesia
» MMED in Internal Medicine
» MMED in Nephrology (Renal
» MMED in Emergency Medicine