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All first year students would be accommodated on campus. There are no catering residencies, however, the college has a cafeteria where catering services are provided by an outsourced service providers. Residence application forms are available from the office of the Dean of Students.

Monthly Accommodation Rates

  • Standard Room US$70
  • Sharing-Self Contained US$100

This accommodation is allocated to you as a consequence of your successful
application for accommodation at the College of Medicine and it is agreed that you will
be required to give up the accommodation at the end of each academic year.
Subleasing and hosting of unregistered student or visitor is not acceptable. Anyone
found hosting or subleasing an outsider or a fellow student, shall be immediately evicted
from the hostels.
2. Terms of Residency
The length of the residency is one academic year. The dates of the academic year are
communicated to students in the academic calendar. During semester holidays,
students will be requested to handover keys in order to allow for maintenance. Any
payment on accommodation is not refundable.
3. Leaving Campus
Students must inform the Hostel Supervisor if they have decided to stay out of campus
temporarily or permanent. No part of the accommodation should be subleased to
fellow student or outsider who was not allocated in that room. Leaving of keys to fellow
student or outsider whilst away is not permitted. Keys must be handed over to the Hostel
Supervisor where necessary. Anyone found subleasing or leaving keys to fellow student or
outsider shall be immediately evicted from the hostels.
4. Reallocation to Alterative Accommodation
A student may have to accept a room other than the one mentioned in the offer if
necessary and the reasons for reallocation will be explained in the letter. This would
apply in particular where a student, who does not need designed for disabled access,
has been allocated such a room and this room is later required by a student who needs
this facility. A student who has been allocated a single room may be required to move
to a shared room to pave way for another student who may need a single room. When
going for practical’s belongings must be taken away or pay for keeping belongings.
5. Health and Safety
i. Students must observe hygiene in the rooms, ablution and the surrounding
ii. Clothes should be dried on the drying lines, not on beacons, room windows,
lockers or doors.
iii. Leaving clothes on the drying lines at night is at owner’s risk.
iv. Students are required to familiarize themselves with the Colleges regulations
and practices as they relate to health and safety. Tampering with the safety
and detection equipment is illegal and threatens the safety of all residents. Any
individual found to have tampered with the fire safety will be reported to the
College authorities for disciplining.
6.Non-Smoking Policy in Residences
There is a non-smoking policy operating throughout the hostel system. Residents are not
allowed to smoke in any part of the residence or to allow any guest or visitor to smoke in
any part of the residence.
7. Candles/Fireworks
The use of candles is allowed only in situation of blackouts. Candles must be lit off once
electricity has returned. Students will be liable for damages caused by negligent use of
candles. The presence and setting off fireworks is strictly not permitted in all hall of
8. Firearms
The presence of firearms, replicas or any offensive weapon or parts of a weapon/firearm
is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be handed over to the police for onwards action
based on Public Act.
9. Prohibited Electrical/non-electrical Equipment
The use of the following electrical/non-electrical equipment is prohibited: heaters,
refrigerators, microwaves, electrical rings/water heaters, electrical sewing machines,
manual sewing machines, photocopiers, printers, TV, musical equipment and cooking
apparatus: cooker/mini cooker, hot plate and rice cooker. Any high powered electrical
equipment is prohibited. Small electrical appliances for use must be certificated as safe
for use before being brought into the residence.
10. Sports Equipment
Certain sports equipment may also constitute an offensive weapon in the wrong hands
(equipment for the following games, archery and fencing). Students are not allowed to
bring these items into residences without receiving prior permission to do so and comply with the procedures laid down for the safe storage and transportation of these items.
Students wishing to bring such items into a residence should contact the Hostel Supervisor in the first instance. Confirmation will also be required the Sports Centre that the student is a bona fide user of this equipment within an official College club. If in
doubt whether any item constitutes an offensive weapon, seek advice from an
appropriately qualified person.
11. Cooking in the Hostels
Students are not permitted to cook in the hostel or anywhere near the rooms. Those
found cooking will immediately lose the resident status and will be asked to vacate the
hostels immediately and rentals will be forfeited.
12. Discipline
The Hostel Supervisor is empowered to take disciplinary action against students who
have behaved in any way prejudicial to the good order and smooth running of the
hostels and to confiscate any item, which he/she believes may be prejudicial to good
order and the safety of the residents. In taking such action the Hostel Supervisor has the
power to fine students, to require them to make good the cost in whole or part of any
damage caused and, in serious cases, to recommend to the Registrar for disciplinary
action through appropriate committees.
13. Individual Responsibility For Rooms And Communal Areas, Study Bedrooms
Where damage occurs in an individual bedroom that is not commensurate with fair
wear and tear, the occupant(s) of that room will be invoiced for the damage. The
occupants should expect to be charged for the repair/replacement except in cases
where they can demonstrate that they are not responsible for the damage. Each
resident is responsible for the behaviour of his/her guests while the guest is in the
residence within the prescribed times as stipulated in both UNIMA and College
regulation and for any damage that the guest may cause.
Students are not permitted to remove any college furniture or fitments from their rooms. If
that so happens the accommodation committee shall factor this when considering their
accommodation applications. Any furniture that is arranged during the students’
occupancy must be returned to its original position at the end of the year.
14. Absence from Residence
Students must inform the Hostel Supervisor if they intend to be absent from the Hostel
overnight or for a longer period, and furnish him/her with a note in writing in of their
proposed whereabouts. They must make sure their absence is recorded.
15. Loss and Damage to Property
The University Authorities accept no responsibility whatsoever for the loss of/or damage
to any motor vehicles of whatever description or to bicycles parked on
property belonging to the University.
16. Pets
Residents are not allowed to keep pets of any description in their rooms or anywhere in
the residence.
17. Noise Management
Residents and their guests are expected to show due consideration for their roommates,
neighbours and other students in respect of noise and appreciate that everyone has a
different lifestyle. This is particularly important during the examination preparation weeks
and examination weeks. Any Student who will perpetually cause noise should lose his or
her tenancy.
18. Visitors to Halls of Residence
No student shall host any person of the opposite sex in a room in any Hall of Residence at
any time between 10.00 pm and 10.00 am.
19. Anti-Social Behaviour
You or your visitors must not do anything which causes or is likely to cause a nuisance or
annoy someone else. We will investigate any complaints of nuisance or harassment and
take appropriate action.
20. Posters
No student shall mount posters on walls other than on the notice boards provided in the

Follow the link below to download a copy of the amended hostel rules and regulations:

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