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The School of Public Health And Family Medicine (SPHFM)

The School of Public Health and Family Medicine (SPHFM) was established in 2013 with the aim of becoming a public health institute of excellence in training, research and outreach in Malawi as well as the SADC region. The School has three departments namely; Public Health, Family Medicine and Health Systems& Policy.

The School offers an undergraduate degree in Health Management and taught postgraduate degree programmes in Masters in Public Health and Masters of Medicine in Family Medicine. The School also has postgraduate research degree programs namely Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees. The school will soon be introducing a Masters of Science in Epidemiology, Global Health and Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare Management.

The School has vibrant research and outreach activities with strong international collaborative links. Research entities closely linked to the school include the Centre of Bioethics in East and Central Africa (CEBESA), Centre of Reproductive Health (CRH), Nutrition Research group and Training and Research Unit of Excellence (TRUE). The School with its research entities work very closely with the Ministry of Health particularly with the specific disease control programs in malaria, HIV, TB, Reproductive Health and Nutrition.

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