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History and publications

The history of the department of Mental Health

Mental Health has been part of the College of Medicine (COM) MBBS programme since the college was first established. Psychology teaching is integrated into the pre-clinical years and has been led for many years by Associate Professor Dr Chiwoza Bandawe.

Clinical psychiatry was taught in a short block in Year 4 by a single lecturer, but in 2006, the teaching of psychiatry at COM began to change. Dr Felix Kauye returned from WHO-funded specialist training in Cape Town to work in both Zomba Mental Hospital and COM. 2 overseas groups also started offering their support for the medical student teaching; psychiatrists from Vestfald Mental Health Trust, Norway, and others from Scotland.

The latter collaboration subsequently developed into the Scotland-Malawi Mental Health Education Project (SMMHEP). Volunteer psychiatrists from both Norway and Scotland have continued to support psychiatry teaching and curriculum development. SMMHEP has sent out over 100 psychiatrists and since 2007 has received total funding of approximately £1 million from the Scottish Government to support undergraduate and postgraduate training in psychiatry at COM.

2011 was another important year for mental health teaching at COM: the department became an independent Department of Mental Health including both psychology and psychiatry; psychiatry became a rotational teaching block, on a par with other clinical specialities; and a postgraduate MMed (psychiatry) programme was approved by the University.

The MMED In psychiatry programme is a collaboration with University of Cape Town. Trainees spend 2 years in Malawi to complete their general adult psychiatry training and complete a research project and dissertation and 2 years in South Africa to have subspecialty training.

The first three trainees are due to graduate in 2017, and a further four trainees will be recruited through the recently announced Psychiatry Capacity Development Programme, funded by the Scottish Government through SMMHEP.

The department staff support the clinical services in QECH and ZMH, the two sites where psychiatry teaching takes place, as well as providing an important service to COM students struggling with psychological problems.

The department has also become increasingly research active, and has established important international collaborations. Through the NIH-funded AFFIRM project, 3 students graduated from the MPhil in Public Mental Health from Cape Town/Stellenbosch Universities. COM is now part of the Wellcome Trust funded AMARI project (in collaboration with Universities of Cape Town, Addis Ababa and Harare).

Finally, for the last 6 years the department worked with SMMHEP to host the Annual Malawi Mental Health Research and Practice Development Conference that has provided a stimulating forum for the sharing of best practice in mental health with colleagues from other Malawian institutions as well as regional and international partners.

Publications (selection)

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Background The College of Medicine (CoM) has received grant funding from the United States Government through its National Institutes of Health (NIH); Grant Ref: 1 R25 TW 011455 - 01 to support ca


Background The College of Medicine (CoM) has received grant funding from the United States Government through its National Institutes of Health (NIH); Grant Ref: 1 R25 TW 011455 - 01 to support ca

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